me on my way home from class: oh man i'm gonna get so much work done let me make a to do list and get that shit done quickly and effectively i'm so pumped
me the second i get home: nah


somebody said it

for real tho do not ignore hopper and sparrow’s involvement in the lizzie/daring episode period

why is it that everyone only brings up daring when talking about his webisode with lizzie when hopper and MOSTLY SPARROW are literally at fault here, too

i can’t believe it it finally happened

spot found a giant fucking dead cockroach and decided he wanted to give it to me as a present

i’ve been waiting for this my whole life, even though it’s fucking gross, i’ve been waiting for so long for spot to bring me something as a present

this is love



took a break from doing busy things by doodlin one of my favorite were kitties

Have you read the Urbance Kickstarter FAQ? No? Go read it, go. Because whatever you have reading on Tumblr is misinformation.

Could you be a tad bit more clear on what misinformation is going around? Because on such a huge website there’s a LOT of different types of misinfo that could be going around. And, in regards to the plot of the game itself, I understand that a lot of these situations are probably meant to be taken at face value and are probably not intended to be how shitty as things are sounding, but, I will say, that either way, the underlying issue IS still there, and I agree it’s rather problematic, but trust me, hun, I won’t attempt to be an extremist on the matter at hand. It’s just that after reading HOW the plot could be seen as problematic, there is still a point there. But, until you tell me what misinformation you’re talking about, I can’t know for sure. And I didn’t mean to come off as rash if I did because sweetie you sound like you’ve got a bit of the vinegar. I didn’t mean the post I made as an attack, it was literally just a casual thing. I would like to know more about it and understand what all’s going on because I only heard about it today, and I did/do have a lot of hope for Urbance because it looks like a totally great game with representation of all sorts all around, though some of it, in the long run, just are held in the proper light. But, yeah, I really do wanna become more educated on the issue, so, if you would please submit a link to this FAQ because I am having a hell of a time finding it

Speaking of which I’m still deciding on a name for Spooky Sweet! I mentioned this like a week or so ago and I was wondering if anyone might wanna give me a couple suggestions??? Really wanting it to start with a P since I’m mostly gonna have her in her peacock persona, and personally I was trying to decide between Pippa and Priscilla! It’s just super hard to decide???

So I’ve been getting tickets again lately, to try to get money for doll stuff, and I just have no idea what I’m gonna do if I hit like 25 bucks or something around that amount because I COULD get another Inner Monster girl (because they’re the only thing I feel safe getting from here without checking other places), or I could go ahead and get all three mood packs, or perhaps save for the Deluxe Inner Monster girl, or I could finally get Abbey’s Bed (though I still wanna wait to maybe see if they lower the price more) and just???? What do you guys think???

just me talking about more health problems in my family….

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do you think nicki minaj would be a good auctioneer